a vision for anti-DAPL challenges

i’ve been thinking about this strategy for a long time, and it makes sense to me. Let’s see what you think.

If and when the police are ordered to begin beating water protectors, the line of veterans willing to stand is certainly one powerful way to psychicly bridge with the adversary and their minions. So what might other approaches, in similar veins be?

What if people began “arming their desires” much more creatively? If they’re going to HAVE TO get beaten up by the municipal soldiers, why not go through that from the vantage space of their heart being put into it?

So….what if affinity groups began dressing in ways that are sure to maximise public empathy (as they get knocked around by batons)?

What if some of these ways included wearing faux fur outfits resembling teddy bears and that kind of cuddly-looking type animal? The intent would be to reach people’s heart-strings, after all. To expose the brutality with images even more endearing or hard-hitting than expected.

Imagine lines of different heart-string-pulling groups, wearing diverse outfits, all getting beat up, on live TV. What kind of effect might this have? If we’re going to have to get beaten anyway, why not approach the whole thing a lot more creatively, to bring out our SPIRITS!

Pros/cons anyone? (and feel free NOT to discuss it here, but in your own networks; i’m just an idea guy..:)

Badass Champion Critter Shows Its Pipsqueak Power!

i had a whispery premonition that wouldn’t go away as i returned recently to my camp semi-late lastnight. Something “out of the ordinary” was up when i returned! i thought for sure it was a friend who’d finally taken me up on exploring my invite to get away from the noise of the city and enjoy relative quiet, but no!

As i neared the entrance of my lean-to-like camp, the unconscious feeling grew larger, and i poked and prodded a small stick in, wondering if anyone was inside.

Well, next thing i knew, something challenged my entrance as i pulled back the sash into my spot, lunging once and then a second time with a small weasley/nasally grunt. i backed off in surprise and gave it plenty of room. Slowly approaching again from an off-set angle to the entrance, explaining my need to get back into my home, i whacked the side of my space with my stick, wanting to scare the critter off. And then, wondering at my martialism, changed my counter-aggression, as i realized that the critter could easily be a “sign”, spiritually. And i began calling it Elder, and apologized for executing a wouldbe violent response, all the while calling out to it that i just wanted my home back!

As i crept up at less-direct (and more defensible) route, i said these words, centering myself back into more of a respectful way. By the time i got back up there again, it had taken off, i was glad to find (tho later i carefully prodded my sleep-bag to make sure!).

(This situation, one of falling back first on violent self-defense (with a stick) when faced with Unknown intensity, and then more centered to where i would rather be focused– coming towards situations with a more spiritual approach and wanting to learn– seems to be a continual pattern, moving me to understand that it DOES take a lifetime to re-learn/remember decolonizing interactions!)

i thought sure, at first, that it was a large Raccoon. But upon reflection, it seemed like the size of it was like a small muskrat, but the territory wasn’t right…So, was it a GROUNDHOG??? Or maybe it was “merely” one of those badass squirrels! (whom DO seem to be my spirit animals!)

i never did find out (at least not yet). It could well have been a squirrel, bunching up its tail as fluffy as it could, but then again, this happened after dark, and folks tell me that squirrels don’t run around after nightfall. Hmmm, so what was it? Perhaps i’ll find out in coming days!

Other encounters

Some kind of critter, maybe as big as a coyote, has also been sitting behind my lean-to-like campspot, eating stuff more often of late. It’s pretty nifty, as long as it doesn’t start trying to break in! (i have been sharing food scraps nightly, and as the response grew, i began putting the scraps further away from my spot, to keep them from over-running me (tho i like having them hang out on me from time to time, too). This works a lot better, i find, at least for my spirituality, than doing what most settler people do, when thinking nothing of killing such “pests”.)

The night previous to this latest experience, i had somewhat of a surprise as well. Right as i said some sacred words (which i use to hail stealthy-sounding approachers), i thought for sure something/someone threw something into my space, via my “window”, knocking into me (rather lightly). Immediately after that energy (it was almost pitch dark), something made a noise outside as tho running thru low underbrush, but only twice. Then it stopped. i listened for a good half-hour, not making a sound.

Only after a good long time of listening carefully and thinking about it, did i come to the conclusion that a food bag that i had put up in my “rafters” (not really, but kind of like that), had suddenly fallen. But did some kind of outside critter MAKE it fall???? Perhaps!

Perhaps it had decided to launch itself from a perch above my lean-to, slide down the roof, and then stop when this motion made the bag fall, only to run in a straightline away, over the low bushes, a second or three later.

To note, early when i first began encroaching (yes, i did say that) on the spot (about 2 months back), having set up the camp for a week or three before i actually moved in, to see how things went, some animal made its voice heard, seemingly warning me to not encroach any further into this particular forest (and beyond a cursory exploration, i did not). But that call wasn’t in “anger”, more like “a heads-up”. Nine times it spoke its voice-call, and i didn’t hear it again.


Local hermits think there’s a Yeti (a.k.a. Sasquatch) in the area, but i haven’t experienced anything of that intensity. More likely, just the usual uninformed settler mind trying to scare people… i did smell, quite strongly, a bear once, while walking a trail that had been severed from routine travel due to ice-storm; trees down across the trail everywhere, and slow-going for walkers. And think i saw it in the distance, covered in iceyness. And then heard it later that night, responding to a bunch of dogs yelling at it with a single, plain, bear-like commentary. But it never openly visited me.

Many years of no probs

i’ve  been living free for many years now and have seldom experienced this sort of stuff; then again, i’ve only wintered over in places four times, out of over 30 years of experience. And that might be the clincher: Wild folk acting in the context of their systematically reduced refuges and the colder-than-normal climate (here)…

Oh sure, plenty of mice get in and chew on things they need, but nothing like a critter actually staying around after hearing me approach. And this all just a little ways beyond city limits (where less police harassment and/or media-hysterified-locals  is likely); but i  have also been on the borders of true wilderness as well.

Oh, sure, it’s well known that bears and cougars stop by from time to time around here, but i seldom even hear them. Except for the bear voice i heard…

Another time

One time, back in Odawa Nation country, i fool-heartedly set up a camp for a few nights smack dab on a well-used trail. i knew it would be an inconvenience to the locals, but i could find no other halfway decent spot! Well, later that night, the strangest-sounding voice i EVER heard, spoke out, challenging my presence. i thought it HAD TO BE a Wolverine! But it turned out to be something like a Fischer Cat, i thought, after listening to this video.

What was it up to?

Anyway, soon after experiencing this BADASS champion critter get up In My Face directly (for once!), i got to thinking of the movie Caddyshack, where that one Gopher totally messes with Bill Murray. Tho small, that critter had some balls! (the POWER of the pipsqueaks!)

It turned out it did not piss all over my stuff, nor did it even “get into” my food (some of which is not “protected”), nor did it even chew anything! So what was it doing? Maybe it was doing a version of Goldylocks and the Bears, the squirrelcritter being Goldylocks…heh heh. Sleeping soundly on my sleepbag until i had the audacity to roust it from some Great Dream…NO WONDER its reaction!

“You STUPID human! I can’t BELIEVE you WOKE ME just at THE BEST PART of my dream!!!!”


“You dumb settler fool! Your Yoda i am, to TEACH you here i am and come at me, you, like i’m some sort of PEST! Sheesh! Skywalker NOT taught this time!”


Tillamook has no Indians?

Awhile back I was hanging around Tillamook and one time I was taken aside by some settler guy who told me that “there are no Indians in Tillamook”. It felt like a veiled threat, as I was living outside of town in the woods at the time. Understanding that the history of the area includes forcefully kicked out Indigenous families, I had to wonder what this guy was getting at.

Would it be a good idea to stop in with a group of Injuns (heh) and see if they might rouse up some bigots? Just wondering….

…..Been thinking about sharing this experience with y’all for a long time now…..

Going nomadic again for awhile

So i left that old camp of almost 2 years (such a LOVELY experience to stay in one place for so loooong!!!!!) and began heading to a large city south of there, and then to points other after that. Took a month to slowly make my way, taking needed time to visit several large Old Growth Forests along the way. A really fine way to travel!

One of these days i’ll have to put all of those notes to text here and share the more inspiring portions!

latest report: one tree falls and other UNSETTLING experiences

i’ve now vacated the camp, after spending two winters there (only missing 2 months once last winter), and one summer. Wrote up a few things about staying there when i was still there, and here’s what i have for now:

Listening out here in the forest. The strong spirit winds, oh my, surging throo the tree tops selectively, as tho in search of relatives, and all other shapes of moM EartH!

Listening for more than a year now. Sometimes listening to my radio. Often listening to both, for security reasons. Listening with one earphone in my ear, the other paying attention to noises outside my little semi-vulnerable spot. (Who might suddenly show up? Cops? Some off-balance citizen? Vigilantes “finally” finding me?)

i greet the noises with a sacred Lakota phrase i learned after many sweatlodges. It keeps me calm, and centered where i wish to be. And shows approachers that i am not afraid.

The slide of a squirrelly one down one of my tarps, or a branch moving against something via the wind ghosts. The creak or clunk of trees knocking into each other.

One tree finally mostly fell. Several pieces blumped down during one of the more windy days, right upon one o’ my protection poles (built up in a teepee design over my main “lean-to”), but no harm to me. Heavy, i learned, they are. Oh my. And that was the smaller one!

The other one that was also notably dead (note: trees that seem perfectly alive DO fall as well) still stands, and was a relief to me when i finally moved on, leaving the area (i confess!). Despite heavily-holed marks by the local “Pileated Woodpecker” (those bigger woodpeckers) seeming to tell me that it no longer even has food in its wood, soooo, it’s SURE to fall in the last days before you finally leave!

Yes, i did leave a note drawing attention to the fact of this one openly dead tree, in case folks stumble across my spot (at least 6 folks now know my spot, with 3 having stumbled across it, and 2 whom i showed; 2 were openly forest service personnel, and two were likely covert agents of the state, i thought due to the way they engaged me, unlike anyone else). Also left provisions safely protected in tins, as well as some sleeping bags and insulation hanging up so that they might last longer than if they were on the ground (and get marrauded by slugs). And some other stuff (and, yes, some of my ART). Was thinking it would be great if others utilized my camp for their needs, emergency or just to escape city mind.

Symbolic Threat

Let me say, i DID TEST that other dead tree (about 10 inches in circumference) which i’ve discussed before on this blog. i tested it, twice, by tying a long rope to it and then proceeding to waggle it around from a good, relatively safe distance. But it was still quite strong inside and beneath all the holes in its bark. Not even a creak!

Anyway, besides my being UNSETTLED by its THREAT, i really loved the OUTRAGEOUSLY CRAZY IDEA of LettiNg that tree fall freely instead of falling back on typical settler mind and cutting it down. It was a symbolic threat readily comparable to other threats hanging over my head for a long time; such as if/when the State would begin to persecute me due to all my daring in years past. And so by having it, it aided me in emotional/psyche prep for “the worst” in other scenarios i find i have to think about. That tree might’ve fallen at “Any Time”: Like The State might’ve pounced and crushed me at any time.

Wradically empathizing with that youngish tree, thinking that it may well be out of its evolutionary native soils –was it a Native tree? i had no idea.  And as well, it had no elders to protect it –long ago logged out of that area, with only a smattering of big trees around.

“Walking thru” and between a lot of the Fear, Incorporated planted in my head. Listening with HEART.


HARK! Ladies streaming in from everywhere! All bent on helping me! Nurses! Mosquito Nurses! Whom i began to poetically call Nurse-squitos!

Young enough, still, to survive “West Nile Virus” via allegedly forever dangerous mosquitos! (IN WHAT CONTEXT?? WITH OVERFLOWING SEWAGE AROUND??)

What if they are merely another mystified extension of “heaven” on moM EartH? What if they have a role in ASSISTING all other shapes of moM EartH? What if they are removing toxins as they nutrify themselves? What if these creatures, like so many other demonized creatures and other suppressed truths, have been completely misinformed on? It would “make sense” when we really begin to look at how settler-centric society does things. From settlers seeking a way to Make a Living (and exploiting our trust in them, or the science they may’ve hid behind), to reps of statecraft consciously seeking to divide us as much as possible from our powers/connections, so to more easily move against us when they alienatedly decide to.

Such makes sense!

Thus, with that poetic in mind i opened myself up to the Nurse-squitos, letting ’em bite as a rite from early July 2015 all the way to mid-April, 2016. …To see what happens when such militant pronoia is brought to the fore; that is, not using ANY toxic chemical or other repellant, nor using ANY netting! (but, alas, using sometimes heavyish doses of ganja to help me deal with pain…that is not actually a whole lot different than getting a tatoo!

Most nights there would only be 1-5 of them or so, i re-discovered. Usually only one during the winter’s coldest months would stop by every few days, get its fill, and fly off. Later, in the two springs i was there, up to 5 or so of ’em would show up –unless i, or someone else had accidentally or ignorantly disturbed one of their nearby sanctuaries (i.e. under a piece of cardboard i had discarded because it had gotten wet and had begun to mildew).

i began exploring “speaking to them” intuitively. Consciously i would tell them something, like, don’t go near my eyes or you die; or, please work on my jaw area, because i had some pain troubles with my gums/teeth. And to my astonishment, they would ACTUALLY GO TO THOSE SPOTS and feed there!!!! And even more astonishing, even a few days later, when i figured they had died and the next generation had been born, those ones would go to my jaw first! And, yes, the dull pain and swelling i was experiencing for several months before all this eventually went away. It was really uncanny, and moves me to challenge critical settlers to explore this kind of thing in their sciences! Eh?!?

That was one example. Another example was when, just before i finally left that camp, the nurse-squitos seemed to want to send me off with a gift. That is, they miraculously CLEARED UP MY EYESIGHT the day before i left. Twice one nurse-squito flew near me (like they did when they wanted me to know they were there openly) and then over to a vein to the side of my eye, first on one side, then, later on the other. ONE nurse-squito! I TRULY COULD NOT BELIEVE IT!!!!!!

Modern VOODOO witches, the c.d.c. and c.i.a. scaring settlerminded-stuck folk from even exploring, much less imagining a whole other world outside of their Great Society Box.

How many ways have we been boondoggled???? Can you even make a list of over 10 things??


Over time, i definitely began experiencing different kinds of re-connexions with my fellow shapes of moM EartH! i remember one evening, happening to look up thru one of the spaces in my roof to “just happen to see” an owl’s shape fly towards me, a 3/4 moon in the background.

Uncanny ideas would come to my mind, like WHAT IF mice are actually not at all REALLY afraid to die (and be eaten by Owls), but actually CALL OWLS AND SEEK TO BECOME ONE WITH THEM, SO TO EXPERIENCE FLYING? Or, perhaps there are a few champion mice out there who know how to RIDE OWLS!



honoriNg a young tree in an unsettling way

“ANYONE IN THEIR RIGHT MIND WOULD CUT THAT DEAD TREE OUT OF HARM’S WAY and Return To More Important Matters –and STOP that CRAZY line of IRRATIONALITY!!!”–Normal Settler Way of Seeing things

A young tree has died before it’s time nearby my shelter. It has shed its limbs and now its bark is falling off. It is about 2 feet in circumference at its base. When i finally noticed it (about 9 months ago), i was certainly unsettled! Wondering whether it was going to fall on my shelter (reinforced as it is, with rope lashings and such, would it be strong enough to protect me from its force???), and then spending time looking closely, and seeing where i think it’s going to fall. And thinking i’m seeing where it’s most likely to fall (right next to my shelter, but not on it).

Most settler types, even “unsettler” types would likely think nothing of intervening on this fear by “Just Cutting It Down” in a safe way. Well, i got to thinking and mulling it over. Here’s a tree that didnt get a chance to share its spirit as it might’ve wanted to. And then it was to fall over and die, and “normally” would do this freely if i wasn’t there. And since i am there, ENCROACHING on all, maybe i need to pray on it for awhile, and explore my fears on this.

Call me crazy and even insane, but i chose to live under the FEAR of it falling on my shelter/me, and to try to work/think/pray it through!

Anyway, its a kind of metaphor. That is, the tree (smallish tho it is, its water-logged weight could easily be quite a force as it falls) is like the threat of The State, and What Is Likely To Happen to me if and when The State feels like fucking with me, and doing whatever it has to do (i.e. once it learns my identity). That could easily be like a tree falling suddenly, and possibly crushing the life out of me, directly or indirectly.

So by praying through this fear of an unknown, i think i am also helping myself deal with the continual threat of The State having its way with me (this could very well happen even if i am a full Goody Two-Shoes, btw). How/why? Well, lessee, because i am a neo-NDN, that’s why… Demonized by the current settler-manager strategy to keep The Masses Properly Distracted…(no, you dont get it, but that’s okay, for now).

So i continue, not intervening on this. Flowing with it, kind of. Working thru my fear.

Letting it fall as the forest spirits have seemingly gathered in a sacred rite of passages observance. Looking at the way that the other growths have shaped themselves around where i suspect it will fall…it is a curious thing. Two smaller young trees likely to somewhat soften the full force of the perhaps 500 pounds of falling pressure that it might have when it finally falls. Will it take out other branches from another three, thus causing more havoc? Will another tree fall with it when it bumps ’em?

i laugh to myself about returning to this camp when i’m 75 someday and finding it STILL standing! Heh heh!

And in all of this, do OTHER levels of spirituality OPEN UP???? Sometimes i think so!

More than a YEAR of holding this camp!

Lots of far-out experiences in holding this camp for more than a year now! Here’s some, with assistance from a sacred herb:

Training by squirrel people.

Experiences: From being trained by the squirrel people in etiquette regarding them/us, to experiencing moving through a continuing fear about a nearby tree that is getting ready to fall (and my wanting to honor it by not intervening by cutting it out of “my way”), to getting attitude adjustments concerning the Raven people, to experiencing touching surprises from the freaky mouse people, and even the wind spirits.

i’m doing a World Indigenous Excellences honoriNg camp! (one of these days i might be able to finally upload some images from my cheap-o phone camera…)

–and Artists-Idle-No-More!/artists for social response ability!

Laying my body down with and for World Indigenous excellences, herstorical and being remembered again. Challenging Alienation, Inc. by occupying Stolen Lands as ARTISTS-IDLE-NO-MORE! Getting arrested eventually and put thru that ‘rite of passage’.

“Walking through” and b’tween Fear, Inc. and its war-stuck minions, Listening WITH HEART. Not “merely” as a greenhorn “newbie”; as a somewhat seasoned outdoor rogue adventurer! Living by my own power, and yet escaping becoming the totally crazed hermit of the forest!

Unsettling fellow poets and critical thinkers by my decolonizingish WEIRDness!


Young enough, still, to be going thru “West Nile Virus” hysteria, letting the LADY MOSQUITOS (nurse-squitos!?!) suck me (heh!) freely! And using NO “bug spray” since July, 2015! And wondering what their REAL purpose is; having weird meta communications with them: i tell them in my mind, stay away from my eyes and i won’t kill you; suck out my toxins (!) by my jaw, that’s okay, cuz i could likely VERY MUCH use help there! And THEN, a bunch of ’em seem to understand me! And they congregate in that area! Including future days!

Sure, i still squish them (out of learned reflex) from time to time…

HOW ABOUT THAT OWL I “HAPPENED” TO SEE APPROACH my camp? 3/4 MOON IN BACKGROUND. sAW IT THRU MY SMALL TARP CANOPY WINDOW…. There used to be two of them, owls. Making their freaky-ass sounds which i very much loved listening to. But then one of them apparently got hit by a truck (i happened upon it along the road), and now the single owl is mostly quiet. If only i could figure out how to do their call!

WHAT IF MICE WERE ONCE OWL RIDERS? Could they relearn that excellence? What might WE do to help them remember?

SQUIRREL trains me to share my food a little:

i’m starting to finally see, greatly spirited CHAMPION of her people iz squirrely-she!

Thought i could stick to some ‘settled’ ways and keep my food wholly separated from this spiritual challenge! HaH! Various UNCANNY encounters with this FELLOW SHAPE OF THE EARTH prove to me how STUPIDIZED i’ve been! No longer trying to “protect” my food from her chewings! (getting thru a strong plastic top in ONE afternoon!) Now i share, and find a much more easy-going interaction with her. (She no longer wakes me up early, for one)

Getting depressed a little too much, and WHAT happens? A mouse nudges my finger in “a just right way”, surprising me, and pushing me away from my tendency to get stuck thinking negatively. Later, a nice, fresh wind reaches in my shelter and surprises me again, moving me further away from my learned gloom.

Stay tuned for more “strange” encounters with fellow shapes of mom earth!

unsettled on days leading to “all hallows eve”, oh my!

At least 3 different (?) spirits came so-called “dust-deviling” by and thru my camp, and then there was the champion sQuirrel-Ly oNe! Oh mY!

The three (or was it four?) whirlingwinds came DANCINg throO Falling Trees Camp one eve as “the wind picked up”. Tripped me out when these “winds” suddenly changed direction from their seemingly “usual” ways and came messiN arouNd throOo! Blew my tarp up in a way that was almost like people grabbing it and pulling it up on one side! But it was all “just wind”.

Powerful stuff for thinking about.

Then the cutie-pie sQuirrel-Ly oNe, hangiN out eating near me, showing her (or him?)-self to me, us seeming to “lock eyes”, when then i turned away to reach for something and lickety-split that ol’ CHAMPION of his people (?) RAN RITE UP NEXT TO ME, RUNNING RITE THROO a small bowl of the last of my applecidervinegar and tramping that stuff rite up on my bed, and then, in the same almost FRENZY of runniN, was gone!

Almost as if silently giviN me a headsup about the whirlywind spirits that would be soon coming.

Definitely messed with me callin it a “cutie pie” and all that shit!!!!

Bad AsS sQuirrel-Ly oNe, hir!!!!!

Noted some o’ the lately hunted horned DEER hangiN out neaR, on ‘all hallow’s eve aftnoon’, and wow, that gave me comfort. They’re deep like pow wows can be, once you can give yourself permission to escape the dominant poetic! a-hoH!

(maybe 1/16 Indigenous of great lakes region (?), maybe more; for now –til i get more info–it’s **fRa eNg sCo-risH** to y’all, hoNoriNg the great spirit’d humanity of the Indigenous Peoples of mOM eArtH!!! !!!! !!!!!)

holding sanctuary in times of survival: Trees Fall Camp

Wellll, i seem to have misplaced the outline i wrote up just before getting over here to publish this…heh. So here’s what i’m up to, these days, basically. i’m putting my safety on the line to “hold space”, to provide one kind of sanctuary, albeit it’s so-called “imperfection”.

Ah, now it’s coming back to me (i only get an hour to articulate all of this….) and it’s a VISION i began having while i have been living, holding the space where i have been living. Outside of the “rational” corral of Freedumb. Beyond the rigidly dictated narrative of Housing Or Else. Beyond the narratives planted in my head by all my fellow “descendants of settlers”.

A VISION that says that all those who identify with the unsettling methodological narrative (as distinct from ideological narratives) COULD VERY WELL BE doing as i am doing: HOLDING SPACE IN A WILDish PLACE, finding sanctuary for oneself and others, re-connecting with moM EartH/nature and our fellow shapes of this planet, and becoming a sort of informal liason with area neighbors! (if that’s your particular “cup of tea” as the saying goes)

Yet one tactic. To show who we are.

And, look, i am “an outsider”. i’m new to the area. And yet, there i am, holding my ground despite every kind of fear: Trees/heavy limbs might fall and overwhelm my protections, wounding or killing me. Crazed fellow houseless persons might attack. Off-the-deep-end teens (driven to insanity by insane nuclearized parents) might attack. Mountain Lion or BEAR might visit and attack. Large hailstones might perforate my roof. What else?

Oh yeah, the military might use me for its illegal experiments, etc.

And, lastly (?) Sasquatch might take me for his wife! (heh heh) (i bet no one ever told you that SOME sasquatches are HOMOSENSUAL!)


For almost a YEAR now i have been engaging locals here in various depths. Notably, i have adhered to the stated needs of a few seemingly representative longtime (?) locals by keeping “a low profile” at least where i have been holding this sanctuary. As soon as one finds/stumbles across the area, though, they’ll begin seeing attempts to communicate, to bridge.

A couple of folks stopped by a week or so ago, and actually tried to communicate, but i was in the middle of some spirituality and did not want to move into their space, so i ignored them, despite my stated desire to bridge and communicate. Luckily, one of the visitors saw my main sign (i’ve now put it in a more seen place) and pointed it out to the friendly-enough-sounding enquirer.

So with this in mind, i realize that it’s only a matter of time before “loose lips” will get the word out to the wrong person and i’ll be forced to see just how daring i really am. Will i have THE BALLS to articulate this method, or will i fall back on my privilege in some way, “hoping” that the police state will “go easy” on me?

In other ways i am not at all “low profile”, to be sure. In fact, i have been “spearheading”, along with some locals champions (one who claims to at one time having been hyped-up to attack me), some real creative intelligence into the local social fare, informally at least! Pushing the limits for all they are supposedly “worth”. Daring into this unknown.

Recognizing that MY LIFE is a path of daring into the Unknown.

Perhaps you will visit and read about all of this stuff, or perhaps it will all come out if/when “the authorities” decide that “enough is enough” (or whatever). Or perhaps the threats that have been made towards me (one man said it’s a technique they have to use, just after using such on me, making indirect threats) will be turned to more than mere threats.

There definitely is a threat in the air. It might be a “run of the mill” technique, or it might be honed especially for me…yes, it’s very easy to get lost in so-called paranoia.

Notably, local youths were hyped up to some kind of ends early on in my occupying this area of the world (in the public aspect of it). i figured they were youthful members of “the boys from idaho” or local kkk. i wasn’t and still am not sure. They could just have easily have been hyped-up by some undercover (?) cop or other who claims to “Know”. Not seeing how they were being manipulated.

i do know for a fact that there has been a concerted effort to scare my ass in a pretty intense way. Not extremely, yet. And, yet, i remain. Laying down my life (?) in this way, even tho i am still quite isolated from others of like-mind.

Showing the surveillance state that ONE PERSON can stand alone. One person CAN stand up to them, if he has to. That we don’t really need organization. That we don’t really have to have such luxuries as those (which take so much time and effort to build up only to have most of ’em seem to get tooled like the union movement up til the Rollback Era–1970s to now…).

Crazy! Yes, and yet not insane! (i know some ways to beat back the psychiatrysts if they come knocking openly…)

Crazy, yes, and yet DARING to pre-empt the war-stuck minded by building up my creatively intelligent momentum as they build up whatever it is they “plan”.

Setting up in this sanctuary a circle for discussion, a lodge, if you will. Lodges becoming, “ready” for the realities of the worst Climate Change can send us. “Ready” for when/if your homes will no longer be there/inhabitable. “Ready” for when (working as a kind of network) intensities intensify and people need outlets, sanity, re-connection to the spiritual medicine of mOM eartH.

Anyway, this is the first attempt to try to articulate and discuss this stand.

And yes, i do see it as a kind of “showcase” (right word?) to Indigenous folks/accomplices to see who i am in this way, daring to stand here in the unknown, realizing i could get my punk ass killed in jail, etcetera. And yet holding this space anyway. And i think this is a way WE who claim our solidarity can SHOW our abilities, “imperfect” as they are.

Also known as “spiritual nudity”.

Chaz d. ziNg, age 50.

Speaking from NW Coast Salish Nation country, “u.s.a.”

post-left anarchist challenge to ideologically and strategically-challenged unsettlers

“Unless we confront and evolve the [neo-?]colonialism planted in us, confronting it outside will be a futile exercise.”–G. Taiaiake Alfred, author of Wasase

The recent (summer, 2015?) issue of “Anarchy, A Journal of Desire Armed” (www.anarchymag.org) has more of a punch than i’m used to. For instance, the article “Against Identity Politics” (pages 29-51) brings out some depths for those who are serious about thinking things through. And while i’m likely wayyyy behind on the discussion (thanks to not having the privilege to be online as often as i’d sometimes like to) and am limited severely by the “one hour a day” policy of the public library in which i write this, i thought i’d at least try bring out that I was particularly enthused about this article –after the subtitle “Identity Politics and Maoism”. This part tends to flesh out some really meaningful difficulties that one can note thru-out the dissident milieu. And calls out leading challengers including Lorenzo Komboa Ervyn. Such tendencies (?), i think, have wrongheadedly gained the imagination of more than a few Indigenous critical thinkers. At least amongst the younger crowd. And you can readily see why. Such belief gives a real blast of energy to those so long kept marginalized and silenced. The problem is, who gets to be the scapegoat this time around? When you have spent a lifetime under the treads of colonization, it’s easy to be manipulated when a strong-sounding ideology seeks to bridge. So, as usual, the younger, less experienced crowd goes for the “light at the end of the tunnel” so to speak.

That crowd appears to me and others (i.e. writers with AJODA) to be often tooled by aboriginal and Leftist (colonialist) ideology on diverse topics, tho that is not a “problem” in itself, when i realize that Indigenous thinking promotes PROCESS values, and ALL cannot help but be needing to process their stuff, ideologically-challenged or strategically-challenged!

How could it be different that the younger crowd buys into Political Correctness (PC) without thinking it through adequately enough? PCism dominates many liberal-oriented universities (places where Indigenous studies get at least some funding and prestige, and are allowed at least a foundation to try to launch excellence) ….and it is no fluke that students graduate with those kinds of values not thought through adequately. So, for example, when I read that the powerfully provocative Unsettling handbook (linked to at the top of the page of Unsettling America) was coming out of the University of Minnesota, i was concerned but not surprised when i began noting quite PC-like minds. Provocative and NECESSARY, AND unsettling! So, “perfectly imperfect”!

The seemingly few Indigenous thinkers, like G.Taiaiake Alfred, are quite marginalized in what passes for “mainline”/”mainstream” thinking, with the concept of “aboriginal ideology” being given funding and privileges over the largely marginalized-seeming truths exposed by the Alfreds. Of course, this is nothing new, and must be expected.

Following are just a few of the inspiring morsels published by the post-Left Anarchy crowd. And yes, i highly recommend purchasing/trading for this issue! (which one is it? Well, it may’ve been either the spring or summer one; the one with the owl/milk on the cover!) The basic run-down of subjects they bring out: spectres, Identity Politicians (IPs) Stirner, egoism, conscription of allies, hierarchies of Persons of Color, and similar topics.

Quotes that jumped out at me:

Page 35-37:

“In terms of political strategy, IPs declare that people should do what the Expert defines as structurally responsible, rather than following their desires. This encourages people to focus on their weaknesses or internal conditioning, rather than their strengths or outer struggles (Gelderloos), situating oppression [and colonization?–Wazayatawin] mainly in individual activists’ psyches rather than the dominant social system.”

“Normative policing [of social borders] through safe space policies often makes spaces less safe, by creating risks of denunciation and purging which are greater than the risks of micro-oppression (Anonymous Refused)…The illusion is that exclusion creates inclusion; this rests on the implication that the power to exclude is unproblematic…”

“For anarchists, the best way to help people feel safter is to recreate autonomous forms of self-organized control over the basic economic and social conditions of life, and to provide care and support within networks of affinity. Without roots in material scarcity, spectres would lose their power to wound.

“To create a politics of sacrifice, people have to be taught they have no inherent value, so they believe in and support the systems of compensation associated with roles (Vaneigem, 139). IPs convey this message by defining privilege as an ineliminable attribute of identity and encouraging guilt.”

“Stirnerian anarchy goes beyond unlearning privilege –the favoring of one spectre over another –to unlearning spectres –learning not to be subrodinate to spectres. Affectively, the orientation of anarchy is to unmediated, active joy. There is a level of immediate, free becoming which is deeper than the hierarchy of spectres. Stirner theorises a kind of intense, joyous exercise of capacities “without reservations” (171), giving “free play” to one’s capabilities (167), and playing “as freely as possible” (130)…”

“In the excitement of play ‘lies the possibility to break with the old world and identify with the new aims and other values and needs. (15-16). Hakim Bey argues that insurrections and autonomous zones should create peak experiences of extraordinary consciousness and intensity (TAZ).” (page 40)

“IPs believe that anarchy is irrelevant to the community because anarchists are privileged, and separate…In fact, anarchy seems irrelevant…because most people who’ve been conditioned to live within such system-constructed communities have internalised repressive, statist beliefs, and accept capitalist common sense.” (p.47)


Page 49: “…Academic thought is often tied up with corporate and state power (Dot Matrix, Science as Capital). Everyday, local knowledges can also be effective ways of theorising the world. But it is a mistake to reify them into unmediated experiences which are somehow directly (and therefore more objectively) true. It shuts down dialogue and reinforces the enclosure of common sense. And in many cases, everyday common sense is also extremely oppressive, accepting and imposing normativities complicit with, and directly reinforcing , institutionalized forms of power. In addition, many IPs’ discourse –structural oppression, privilege, patriarchy, trauma, framing, supremacy, senzala, quilombo, and so on –are not everyday common sense terms, but imports from university cultural studies texts or historical reading.”

“Against this prevalent form of disguised vanguardism, let us hold forth the beacon of a world without spectres. Structural oppressions are sociologically real, but their roots can be traced deeper, to the structures of statism and representation. If we must theorise a primary contradiction, then let it be the contradiction between ourselves — as unique ones, forces of becoming, irreducible and unrepresentable human beings — and the entire regime of spectres and alienation. Let us dispense with boundary policing, and instead nurture affinities across social categories.”